C-System/Spectrums Data Forces Interview & Mix on Bass Agenda 125


Part 1: Interview & selections from C-System/Spectrums Data Forces, Spain

Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro
Spectrums Data Forces – Orbital Dysfunction
C-System feat. Department – Lost Highway (Antony Dupont remix)
C-System – Gullfoss
C-System – Blackout
Model 500 – Flow (video version)
AUX88 – ElectroTechno
C-System – Never Again
C-System – Poison
C-System – Playing With Dogs
Molecule – Leitmotiv (Version by Turbo Turbo)
DJ Edjotronic – Kaiko
Spectrums Data Forces – We Are The Robots
Negocious Man – Intermission

Part 2 – Guest mix from C-System

Malefic – Doomed ! (DMX Krew Remix)
Aux 88 – Play it loud
Scan-X – Higher
Underworld – Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Sharpside Remix)
Radiohead – Everything in its right place (Josh Wink Long Remix)
Chymera – Eulogy
Exploit – Utopia
Christian Smith & John Selway – Titan
Dave Clarke – What was her name (LFO Remix)
Dave Clarke – What was her name

Interview text from C-System:

1.-This tracks are important for me because they was my first contact with electronic music world. The track form AUX88 has a lot of futuristic sounds and also “the flow” from Model 500 was the same. The tracks give me a big numbers of new feelings.

The next two tracks are an electro sounds from 2 years ago and i selected it because they are awesome for me and i like to combinate with techno tracks when i play music.

And the last four tracks that i created I selected it because they was really important in my life and each of the tracks was in different moments of my life and they changed it.

2.-My first discovery was when i was very young. I start to listening a lot of tracks and a lots of videos on tv, and i feel that the only thing i cared about in this moment was the music. that was when i discovery it will be my passion.

3.-I learned music since i was a child and I started to play piano when i was 9 years old, and after that all of my knowledge was dedicated to make this kind of music.

4.-My first keyboard was a Big KORG and it was really difficult to use for structures. After that i start to use the first Trackers like Fast Tracker with a hexadecimal system for composition.

5.- I dont have pattern for create music. Usually i start to compose depending of my mood, and that is was sets the final results of my tracks.

6.- In my country (Spain) is a very good scene because everyday a lot of new artist with big quality appears. We are lucky to have this musical culture.

7.- For the future I have in mind to keep working on my records labels and continues producing music.

8.- Nothing more. Just enjoy the music and keep working Day by Day, i would like to say it was a pleasure for me to be in Bass Agenda

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