Bass Agenda 121: James Wolfe interview, track selections and guest mix.. Sunday 31st Jan 20.00 (8 pm) Detroit

Interview & Guest mix from JAMES WOLFE on Bass Agenda 121

Part 1 – James Wolfe (USA) Interview & selections Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro F8 – Welcome To My Life James Wolfe – TransBass V2 Korrupted Brothers – You Know The Business N-Ter – Life (James Wolfe remix) Bahamut – Planet-E (Scratch D of Dynamix II and James Wolfe remix) Techtonic Plates […]

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FAH, Netherlands & CYGNUS,USA Sunday 30th August 20.00 EST (8pm Detroit) on Bass Agenda

Guest Host FAH & Cygnus Live on Bass Agenda 110

Part 1 – Guest hosted by FAH, The Netherlands Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro Andrei Rodionov & Tikhomirov Boris – In A Gravitational Wave Fah – Untitled Garnegy et Maties – Motorbike Circus Andrei Rodionov – Catch Up Computer (Cross-Country Race) Sauveur Mallia – Macadam Locomotion Nile Gyant – Pyrmids Heinrich Muller […]

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Anthony Nuzzo Interview & guest mix on Bass Agenda 105

Part One: Interview & Selections from Anthony Nuzzo, USA Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro Blastromen – Sidtroen Anthony Nuzzo – Die Rotten Cryotron – Obey My Master 2.0 Darxid – Bass Operator (Anthony Nuzzo remix) Dynamix II – The Two That Return Spacemen – Communion Anthony Nuzzo – It’s Showtime Anthony Nuzzo […]

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