Bass Agenda 120: French artist MAELSTROM dominates with an interview,track selections and guest mix...expect the unexpected... Sunday 17th Jan 20.00 (8 pm) Detroit

MAELSTROM interview & guest mix on Bass Agenda 120

Part 1 – Maelstrom interview & guest selections Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro Maelstrom – Oxy Blur Maelstrom – Optical Tendencies Maelstrom – Three Girls Maelstrom – Tank Diving Autechre – Lowride S/D – The Launderette Maelstrom – Breeding Maelstrom – Pool Chicks Louisahhh! & Maelstrom – Rough & Tender (Dave Clarke’s […]

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Guest host DJ MAD WAX & guest mix from DJ XED on Bass Agenda 84

My one show off a year so your ears are in the safe hands of DJ Mad Wax,USA followed by a killer mix from Croatia’s DJ Xed….enjoy Part 1 – selections from DJ Mad Wax EOD, Utrecht, 030303 Records Ekman, Marzanna, Shipwrec Submersible Machines, Ebbing, Lunar Disko ERP, Tuga, Frustrated Funk Blue Blocker Rockers, Drift, […]

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