Bass Agenda 129: Next week's show is extra special - we preview TOUCHED BASS: For Macmillan Cancer Support. Sunday 22nd May 20.00 (8 pm) Detroit

Touched Bass for Macmillan Cancer Support on Bass Agenda 129

This week’s show presents 2 of the 13 hours of incredible music on Touched Bass: For Macmillan Cancer Support. 137 tracks for £14.00 / $20.50 / €18.30. Available from & Illektrolab & 4th Genome – Bass Agenda Intro Inhuman Designed – Those Who Are Gone (Theme) Franck Kartell – Introspection Lektroid – Futurist […]

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UMWELT Interview & Guest mix from The Bandit on Bass Agenda

Bass Agenda 79: Interview with UMWELT & Guest mix from The Bandit Each show I ask an electro/electronic music producer to select some tracks that are important to them: (1) Track/s that influenced their starting to make music (2) Track/s that have blown them away recently  (3) Their favourite own production(s) Part 1: Interview & […]

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